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Republic of Cyprus
Delegated Bodies

According to Law 64(I)/2003, the Organisation may delegate some or all of its functions for the authorization of payments, as well as work that concerns the technical service and the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS). This delegation is assigned to other bodies such as Government Departments or other Organisations of the Public or Private Sector or Private Companies that the Commissioner regards as having the means and the knowledge to carry out the work to be assigned to them.

CAPO maintains four (4) Delegation agreements and one (1) cooperation agreement with the following organisations:

  • Department of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment
  • Department of Forestry of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment
  • The Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism
  • The Ministry of Interior
  • The Customs & Excise Department of the Ministry of Finance (cooperation agreement)

The five (5) agreements in effect, incorporate several mechanisms for the control and exchange of information to and from CAPO. These mechanisms are in line with Community directives and regulations and according to the Code for effective Communication with the Delegated Bodies which has been in force since 2005. The Delegation agreements are constantly evaluated and modified when necessary. The main revisions arise after the amendment of EU regulations that affect the Accreditation of CAPO, or the introduction of new Measures.

According to the Delegation agreements, the transfer of functions to the Delegated Bodies mainly concerns the authorisation of payments for the Measures that have been assigned to them. The functions that are transferred to the Delegated Bodies are carried out under the supervision of CAPO, which still has the responsibility for the execution of payments for all the Measures and for the accounting of the transactions.

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