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Message from the Commisioner

Dear visitors

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization (CAPO).

Our vision is the protection of European and national funds, valid and timely payments and to maximize servicing our rural community. Hence, in the framework of our common efforts to support the agricultural sector and while sustaining an optimistic outlook for the future, we feel the need to communicate with you to this extent.

CAPO, in co-operation with all relevant institutions and fora, aims to support our farmers in their efforts to achieve a decent standard of living, improve the productivity and the efficiency of the agricultural sector of the economy and provide the consumers with an abundance of high quality agricultural products at reasonable prices. We do this, in response and as an adjustment to the recent Common Agricultural Policy reform.

I believe that the various European and national measures that CAPO implements, support the Cypriot farmers, enhance their socio-economic status and help them face the challenges of the current economic crisis.

I greet you with these thoughts and I promise that our Organization, I, the Assistant Commissioner and the staff will continue to serve CAPO’s goals and strive for the benefit of the farmers and the general community, with even greater commitment and decisiveness.

Department of Environment