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Message from the Commisioner

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the website of the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization. Through this electronic information site you can explore and get to know the Organization and its responsibilities better.
Our goal is the immediate and fast information of our applicants so that they have full information about the measures and programs subsidized by our Organization.
Our vision is the protection of European and national funds, valid and timely payments, maximizing the service of our rural people as well as our support for them and the wider Cypriot countryside.

Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization (CAPO) implements the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and state the funds to the rural payments and carrying out all those activities that maximize the benefit of the farmer and at the same time protect the European and national funds.
I believe that the various announced European and national Measures support the Cypriot farmer and strengthen his socio-economic position in dealing with the economic crisis and beyond.
I promise you that, I personally and the staff of the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization will be by your side for any help, support and information you may have of any issues.

Andreas Kyprianou

Department of Environment