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Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation
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Capo's Functions

    CAPO has the authority and the competence to take all necessary measures to ensure the attainment of its aims and the correct application of The Agricultural Payments Organization Law No. 64(I)2003, the regulations which set out the necessary procedures for the agricultural aid payments to the recipients and of EU’s relevant legislative acts. In particular, the Cyprus Payments Organization:-
    • maintains and administers the Operational Fund and the Payments Fund;
    • checks and approves payments concerning activities which may be financed by the Payments Fund;
    • effects payments to the beneficiaries;
    • keeps all accounts in relation to any payments made to the beneficiaries;
    • is vested with the structure, services and staff as provided in Part IV of Law 64(I)/2003;
    • assigns part of or all of the functions for the approval of payments to delegated bodies which concern the Payments Fund from which the following expenditure is made:

        1. Direct payments to the beneficiaries in accordance with the measures in force within the framework of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union.

        2. Payments to the beneficiaries in accordance with the operating rural development schemes laid down in Regulation 1257/99/EC and Regulation 445/01/EC.

        3. Complementary or state aids to the beneficiaries which are to be provided exclusively by the Cyprus Republic upon EU approval as well as in respect of procedures concerning the Technical Services and the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS).