Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation


The Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization (CAPO) was established under Council Regulation (EC) No. 1258/1999 on the financing of the Common Agricultural Policy, of the European Union.

Within the scope of Cyprus’ preparations to enter the European Union, on June 27th 2003, the House of Representatives enacted Law No. 64(I) 2003 entitled “The Establishment and Operation of the Agricultural Payments Organisation and other Related Matters Law”.

According to Law No. 64(I) 2003, CAPO is an independent legal entity that does not come under any Ministry or Department of the Government. It was established and it operates as an autonomous public organisation based on its own legislation that provides it with valuable flexibility, to respond effectively to the stringent standards and time limits set by the Community.

It is structured upon the latest organisational and administrative standards, it applies contemporary and specialised working methods and it heavily depends on the automation and computerisation of its procedures, to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of its work.

The head of CAPO is the Commissioner of Agricultural Payments, who is appointed by the Council of Ministers. The Commissioner is aided in his work by the Assistant Commissioner.

- Organisational Objectives
- Capo's Functions
- The Organization’s Legal framework
- Central Offices